The best cage for a Syrian hamster?

The best cage for a syrian hamster

Little Friends Jemima Narrow Rat/Hamster CageThe best cage for a syrian hamster

Welcome to the fourth of our hamster cage reviews. So is the Little friends Jemima the best cage for a Syrian hamster? As always we recommend buying the largest cage which you can afford. This cage is certainly large enough and is even advertised as being big enough for rats. We would however suggest that this would only be suitable as a retirement home for older rats or for temporary accommodation.

Please see our page on advice for choosing a hamster cage from this link.

The little friends Jemima has the following features:



  • The cage design measures 100 x 54 x 64cm. It has narrow 1cm bar spacing, so great for Syrian hamsters, rats etc, but not suitable for dwarf hamsters or mice.


  • Large access doors for easy cleaning.


  • There are two large hinged doors on the front, each measuring 18cm x 23cm. These fold down and are secured when up by a loop of wire which folds down to secure them in place.


  • The cage comes with all items shown (tubes, shelves, litter tray etc).


  • The tray is quite deep, so there is enough room for a sufficient amount of bedding to allow your hamster to burrow.


In Conclusion

The little friends jemima is a very good large hamster cage, but is it the best cage for a Syrian hamster? The answer is not clear cut as the cage is large with some well thought out features however, we did find it very difficult to put together.

The cage is reasonable value for money bearing in mind its size however, it is the second most expensive cage we have reviewed.

It’s also quite difficult to assemble, but with some dedication, it can be put together.

Overall we score the cage as a 4.0 out of 5.0

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As always if you have any questions or comments about the best cage for a Syrian hamster, please let us know in the box below.

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  1. This looks like the coolest cage for my hamsters! The Little Friends Jemima would be perfect, I like the size and the multiple tubes that they can play in. It does look a little more expensive than I was looking to spend, but you get what you pay for right? I can’t wait to get one of these and watch my little friends play around and have a good time! 

  2. Thank you for the awesome post!  This is helpful for me because my sister has a Syrian Hamster.  They are very energetic and need a lot of running space, I have learned through watching hers.  She is needing a bigger cage because the one she has is basically a fish tank and nothing more.  You don’t think they can chew through the bottom of it do you?. 

  3. Thank you for this well researched and objective review of the Little Friends Jemima Narrow Rat/Hamster Cage. I appreciate that you are reviewing several cage options so clearly you are well informed on the topic. I like the look and many benefits of the cage. As the owner of a hamster I find the easy cleaning feature is a real plus. I also like the tunnels as hamsters do love them–like when my hamster got lost in in our heating ducts for a day!Speaking of getting lost, can a normal sized hamster escape from the cage very easily as that has been an ongoing concern for me. Thanks so much!

  4. There seems to be some doubt as to whether this is the best,hamster cage or not? It is big enough for Syrian hamsters, but not suitable for dwarf hamsters.

    The cage is advertised as being big enough for rats, but it seems only good enough, for temporary accommodation, or for older rats.        

    Otherwise it seems to be well thought out,and designed, with two large hinged doors,which are well secured,and with all the items needed,such as litter tray,shelves,and tubes,

    Technically, it is a bit difficult to assemble,and is a bit on the expensive side, but had a fairly good rating, at four out of five.

  5. My husband has gifted me a medium size Syrian Hamster for our marriage anniversary so I need a beautiful cage where it will feel comfortable, but I have no idea about cages. It came with a small cage, but it is not suitable.This is because I do not have any pets. So I will choose this suitable cage .This cage design is perfect.The cage is large enough for my Hamster.

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