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Wooden hamster cage

Things to consider for our best Syrian hamster cages.

If you are looking to get a pet hamster, you can’t just place them in a box and expect them to live there happily for ever and ever. Hamsters are very active creatures who need room to run and exercise, not to mention they will chew right through some materials. You need to use our Syrian hamster cages review.

It is absolutely necessary to provide a good-sized cage with a flat surface for the bottom, so your pet doesn’t catch their toes and legs through mesh wiring.

Additionally, your hamster is going to need a water bottle, a food dish, a spot for them to use as a toilet, chew toys, and an exercise wheel. Getting all these things into a tiny space will not be very convenient or comfortable for you, or your pet.

Make sure the cage you get has plenty of space for your hamster to sleep, get exercise, and do their personal business.

Another thing to take into consideration is that you’ll eventually need to take apart and clean your hamsters cage. This should be done at least once or twice per week. If you don’t, things might start to smell pretty bad, and your hamster won’t be very happy or healthy.

Here goes with our first list of the best Syrian hamster cages:


1. Pawhut Hamster and Rodent Mouse Large KitSyrian hamster cages

The cages main features are:

  • It has a built in drawer for easy cleaning (the base slides out completely).
  • Suitable for Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, mice and other small animals (even guinea pigs for a temporary home).
  • Four organic windows enable a direct view to all levels.
  • Built-in drawer for easy cleaning.
  • Overall Dimension: 115L x 60W x 58H (cm).
  • Solid wooden construction.
  • Levels are accessible by 3 ramps.
  • Hinged roof with mesh for good air circulation.
  • Cage can easily be moved.

In conclusion

The pawhut hamster and rodent large kit is an excellent choice for any breed of hamster. Unfortunately you do have to build it yourself, however we found this to be reasonably easy.

It does not come with a built in wheel and so you will have to buy one separately. Wooden wheels are readily available and we would definitely recommend this addition.

Some people will be worried that their beloved pets will chew through the wood, however in our experience provided your hamster has plenty of toys, this should not be a problem.

For our full review of the pawhut hamster cage, please click here.

Overall we rate this cage as a 5 out of 5. The first time we have awarded a full rating.

For the best place to buy the Pawhut hamster cage:                                                               

The ideal wheel to complement the Pawhut hamster cage is the Trixie 22cm wooden wheel and that can be found here.

2. Little Friends Jemima Narrow Rat/Hamster CageSyrian hamster cages

The cage main features are:

  • The cage design measures 100 x 54 x 64cm.
  • It has narrow 1cm bar spacing, so great for Syrian hamsters, rats etc, but not suitable for dwarf hamsters or mice.
  • Large access doors for easy cleaning.
  • There are two large hinged doors on the front, each measuring 18cm x 23cm. These fold down and are secured when up by a loop of wire which folds down to secure them in place.
  • The cage comes with all items shown (tubes, shelves, litter tray etc).


In Conclusion


The little friends Jemima one of the very best Syrian hamster cages. It is a good size cage and we found access for cleaning very easy. We did however find it a little difficult to assemble.

The cage is reasonable value for money bearing in mind its size, however it is the second most expensive cage we have reviewed.

For our full review of the little friends Jemima cage, please click here.

Overall we score the cage as a 4.0 out of 5.0

For the best place to buy the Little friends Jemima Cage we recommend:


3. Extra Large Rosewood Pico Hamster CageSyrian hamster cages


The main features are:


  • It is supplied complete with a unique loft den (improved over the previous design), water bottle, food dish and solid wheel (you may want to swap the food dish for something more substantial).
  • The cage is easy to assemble with clip free and secure corners.
  • It is larger than average and is a feature packed home suitable for Syrian and Russian hamsters as well as mice.
  • High quality design and finish.
  • Dimensions: 50cm wide, 36 cm deep and 47cm tall; 8.5mm bar spacing (small enough for mice).
  • Easy clean design: all components are fixed to the wire top, so as you lift this off everything is removed leaving you with an easy clean base.

In conclusion


The extra large rosewood Pico offers extra space and load of fun levels for your pet to explore. It is much bigger than the standard pico cage. The contemporary design and colours mean it looks good and both the wire and plastic parts are finished to a high quality. It has a unique (and improved) loft den which allows for easier interaction between you and your pet.

Other great features include a ‘drop in’ water bottle, twin doors with secure closures, a generously sized food dish and a quiet, solid wheel. All components come away with the wire top as you lift it off the base for easier cleaning. The 8.5mm bar spacing means the home is ideal for Syrian hamsters and is also great for most mice and dwarf hamsters (except Roborovski’s).

The cage is easy to assemble with clip-free secure corners. Assembled dimensions are: 50cm wide, 36cm deep and 47cm high. Also available in a great pink, teal and purple colours.

We would recommend this cage as the best budget option as it is quite a lot cheaper than the other cages.

For our full review of the Extra Large Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage, please click here.

Overall we would rate the cage as a 4.0 out of 5.0 with the cage dropping 1 star as we feel it could ideally be slightly larger.

Again we would recommend Amazon for buying the Extra Large Rosewood Pico cage:   (other colours are available).

4. Savic Hamster Heaven Syrian Hamster CageSyrian hamster cages

The main features are:


  • Carrying handles for ease of movement
  • The dimensions are: H50 x W80 x D50cm
  • It has a fun and colourful design
  • The cage is easy to assemble with clip free and secure corners.
  • Comes complete with tunnels, platforms, slides, housing, exercise wheel, toilet, food bowls & drinking bottle.
  • Easy clean design

In conclusion

Overall we have been very impressed by the savic hamster heaven cage. All the accessories are of good quality and the cage is the largest we have reviewed so far. We did find it was harder to put together than advertised, with the tubes especially being difficult to place, but we would still recommend this cage.

The cage is reasonable value for money and a good size.

For our full review of the Savic Hamster Heaven Syrian Hamster Cage, please click here.

We would rate the cage as a 4.0 out of 5.0

For the best place to buy the Savic Hamster Heaven Cage, we would recommend:


5. Little Friends Grosvenor Hamster CageBest hamster cages


The main features are:


  • The grosvenor cage is ideal for rats, hamsters, chinchillas and other similar sized small pets
  • All accessories shown are included, house, wheel and bowl. Super narrow bar spacing 1cm
  • This cage is part of our space saving range and is easily collapsible for storage, the cage comes with a wooden shelf and ladder
  • Large opening top door length 68cm width 38cm, super narrow bar spacing with 1cm spacing.
  • Measures l: 78cm w: 48cm h: 36cm

In conclusion

we loved the size of this cage and the large top opening helps with cleaning, however we did find that the wheel is not very good and would recommend the purchase of a free standing wheel. This makes the cage slightly expensive although the cage still represents reasonable value for money.

For our full review of the Little friends Grosvenor Hamster cage, please click here.

We would rate the cage as 4.0 out of 5.0

For the best place to buy the Little Friends Grosvenor Cage we would recommend:


For further information on choosing hamster cages please click here.

If you have enjoyed our article on Syrian hamster cages and would like any further information or would like to leave us any comments or feedback, please use the form below. We would also be delighted to see your own reviews and we may add them to future posts.

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  1. You are right about hamsters and their way of life being that of engagement rather than being left limited in places and things they could explore. These cages are really of great designs and it is only dependent on one’s budget and choice that would determine the best to pick. But for me, if I were to be in need of a cage, I would go for the biggest among the reviewed, Savic Hamster Heaven Syrian Hamster Cage.  It would avail my pet the opportunity to play around more rather than being restricted

    • Hi Rodarrick. The Savic cage is a good size, but the wooden one is even bigger and that’s why we gave it top marks.

  2. I used to have a rat and the most annoying part was cleaning the cage. I really like the built in drawer for easy cleaning in the first cage you reviewed. Is it also suitable for rats? It also looks secure, in terms of pets getting stuck or sneaking out of the cage. My rat never got stuck but once or twice he managed to sneak out which is really not good, especially if you are not at home when it happens! So I totally agree that investing in a good cage is much better for you and your pet. 🙂 

    • Hi Erika,

      although the wooden cage is large and very easy to clean, we would only recommend it as temporary accommodation or maybe for a more elderly less active rat. I hope this helps.

  3. Hi,

    So I’m planning to get my kids a couple of pet hamsters for Christmas. The Pawhut Hamster and Rodent Mouse Large Kit sounds like it may be ideal, we have a lot of outdoor space and heated buildings that sit on the grounds so, plenty of space for something like this to go, that is outside of the main house. In terms of being able to clean it, is it easy to get access to clean out?

    • Hi Nate,

      the Pawhut Hamster cage is a perfect choice and the easiest cage of all to clean. Thanks for looking at my site and I wish you luck with your new pet hamster.

  4. Thank you for sharing such an informative article, I think is all that I have been missing I have a problem with rodents and rats and I have tried to figure out the right way to handle my situation but I believe that Savic hamster heaven syria Hamster cage is my appropriate solution, I really appreciate for attaching the affiliate link with the price on the product, this will make it easier for me to purchase, thank once again.

  5. Having an hamster is nice and they are one of the best pets I have had so far. But some factors were lurking and affecting her health so I had to give her to someone else. These cages are very nice and I love how they are built. The Pawhut Hamster and Rodent Mouse Large Kit, its made of wood, can it not be affected by pests or it is already treated ?

  6. Hi there. Thanks for sharing these 5 Syrian Hamster Cages, I love them. But my favourite among them is number 1 which is pawhut hamster and rodent mouse large kit.

    It is my favourite because of the nice features that come with it. Especially the fact that it is very easy to clean because of the built in drawer that can be easily removed. It’s not very easy for me to clean up stuffs. Thank you!

  7. Hi, There.
    Thanks for sharing the views of lovely and useful  cages for small pets. All the five varieties are excellent in design but I liked the Pawhut Hamster and Rodent Mouse large kit as the best  due to its big size and amazing design. Though it lacks the exercising wheel but the same is available at very reasonable rate at Amazon. So it will be a good buy.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

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