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If you’re going to be away from home for a long time or unable to care for your hamster, such as when you go on holiday or you if are long term ill, it’s a good idea to have a caring person to look after your hamster. You can home board a hamster just as you might home board a dog at a kennel when you’re away for a few days at a time.

Unlike a dog or cat, you will take your hamster to the hamster boarding home in its own cage and this will help minimize his or her stress. This article should help you find the best hamster boarding near me

Finding hamster boarding

The easiest way to find hamster boarding is to get a recommendation from a friend or to do a search online. The most popular search engine to use is google. You could use search terms like hamster boarding near me, hamster boarding, hamster boarding in Halifax, small pet boarding or small pet boarding near me. Alternatively you could contact your local vet and ask if they have anywhere that is recommended.

Some people will only board dogs, while others are prepared to provide care for a wide variety of pet animals. We would suggest you use someone who specializes in the care of small animals and in particular hamsters.

Your own vet may provide on-site boarding services himself; otherwise seek referrals to find someone that best meets your home boarding needs.

Pre-hamster home boarding checks

If after looking at the hamster boarder’s website you are still unsure about the facilities you are considering, why not ask if you can visit the hamster home boarders property and then you can ask questions about what their routine care for a boarded hamster involves.

You might also be able to see other hamsters and small pets and decide for yourself if you think they are being well looked after in a suitable environment

You are ideally looking for a home that will keep hamsters in a clean area separate from the larger boarding population, and that has a knowledgeable, caring staff that will not just feed your pet and clean his cage but will play with him too, if he’s socialized — which of course he should be.

Before home boarding

It is a good idea to thoroughly clean your hamster’s cage and replace used bedding the day before home boarding.

It is also a good idea to double-check all locking parts of your cage to make sure they are in good working order. Make sure that doors fit and lock snugly/properly and that no loose or damaged portions of your cage are apparent.

Pack all your hamster supplies necessary for the time you will be gone. Take the home boarder a supply of food your hamster is used too, as well as a bag of fresh bedding. This will help keep a familiar feeding and cleaning routine for your hamster with foods and materials he or she is familiar with. Also this will help reduce any stress your hamster is feeling as this could be considerably. Imagine if you were sent away from home and fed only beans on toast for two weeks – this would be horrible, unless of course you love beans on toast!

Transporting your hamster

Transport your hamster to the home boarder in his or her own cage if possible. If your hamster has an elaborate cage set up with lots of tunnels and levels, it may be more practical to transfer your hamster to a smaller cage or to an aquarium-style cage for the time he or she is boarded. Some hamster home boarders will provide a larger cage once you arrive.


Do so well before boarding the pet so that he or she will be acclimatised to whatever environment he or she will be boarded in to ensure he or she is not stressed during the process.

Dropping off your hamster

Provide the home boarder with instructions on how often and how much to feed your hamster. If your hamster has any behavioral problems or medical needs, tell them these as well. Tell the home boarder when you are expected to return and take contact details in case you have any unforeseen difficulties.

A good hamster home boarder will send you pictures of your hamster to show how happy he or she is whilst you are away and hence you should leave your details so that they can be in touch for this and for any emergency reasons. It is also a good idea to leave the home boarder with details of your vet just in case there are any medical problems whilst you are away.

Returning Home

Pick up your hamster as soon as possible after returning home in order to return your hamster to his or her usual environment as soon as possible. It would be a good idea to clean the hamster cage again and then you can give your hamster lots of love and cuddles.

And finally

Choosing someone to look after your pet shouldn’t be too demanding, especially if you follow the steps outlined above and I hope your hamster will have a great holiday home away from home.

Please also bear in mind that the above information could equally apply to home boarding of mice and gerbils.


For our information on reptile boarding, please click here.

More information on bird boarding can be found here.

If you have any comments, need any further advise or have any constructive feedback on this post, please reply in the box below.Pet hamster care

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  1. Hello Skye,
    please can you let me know how much it would be to home board 2 x hamsters for 7 nights in the October holidays?

  2. I never knew these sorts of boarding houses existed. I thought only dogs and cats were lucky enough to have these types of facilities.

    I have birds and every time we go away I give them to some willing friend or relative to look after for me. Now that I have read your article, I will certainly be on the lookout for something like this for my birds for the future.

    What is a good rate to pay for a small pet per day? I want to make sure that I won’t get ripped off.

  3. Hello Skye, I have had problems taking care of really small pets and since I lost my rabbit, I haven’t had any intentions of taking up any small pet. Although I have a dog at home and she is really big. Having to look after your hamster is something that shouldn’t be taken with levity, they are really cute and should be given full care. I will share this post with some of my friends who have and hamster as pet. Best regards

  4. I never thought about taking my hamster to a hamster boarder, I am always trying to talk one of my friends or family into watch my pet when I go on vacation, and with everybody always so busy I am most times worried about whether my hamster is being taken care of properly. This is a great idea, is there any red flags we should be looking for when visiting these boarding centers? Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hi Travis. Make sure you visit the premises first and view where your pet will be kept. Use your gut instinct to decide if the person is reliable and honest.

  5. It is important to have somewhere to leave your pet when you are away on vacation, or maybe just a weekend and stay somewhere where you do not accept pets. I prefer to take my animal with me. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. I like that you have written the rules that have to apply those who have hamsters company when transporting them out of the house.

  6. Great advice on how to board hamsters!  Do you have any advice for finding someone to come into your own home to care for them?  Sometimes it would be less traumatic to keep them in the same environment, but have a care person come into the home.  I have done this with my small animals with someone that I knew very well to take care of them.  That person is no longer available, so I will have to find someone else to do it.  

    Thank you again for such great advice!

  7. I love pets. My favorite are dogs.  But reading your article made me think why not get a hamster too. I must admit I had one at my younger age. But  I decided to love dogs more but I really appreciate the way you outlined information  from how to find a hamster boarding ,  to the way they should be transported 

  8. Hi Skye. Thanks for sharing this step by step guide on how to prepare and take an hamster to the nearest hamster boarder near by. It’s a really nice idea to home board a pet especially when you want to travel out or when you are not in the state where you are capable of taking care of the pet.

  9. This is great advice. I have fours hamster and two are in special made enclosures. Do you have spare cages that meet the RSPCA recommendation? Also so the hamsters get free roaming time out of their cage? If so I would like to know the cost for fours hamsters for a 3 week stay? Thank you .

    • Hi Louise, I would love to look after your hamsters, but I don’t have spare cages at the moment. You could bring you’re own though and I will reduce the price. Thanks for you’re enquiry, Skye.

  10. Hi, we are looking for hamster boarding for about a month this summer – would you be able to help? Where are you based?

  11. Hi Skye,
    We have 4 rats (2 male together, and in a separate cage 2 female together) – would you have boarding availability from Aug 12 – Sept 4 please?

        • Hi Jason,

          You can arrange to drop them off with everything you think they will need and any instructions. You can do this by email or call 07940 919152. the price to look after the rats would be £4.00 per day which should make the total £96.00. You don’t need to pay a deposit, but would need to pay the full amount when you drop them off.
          Hope this helps and I’m really looking forward to looking after your rats,

  12. Hi! How much would it be to board 1 hamster for 7 nights around the first of second week of march?

  13. Ok, thank you! I have another question as well, what are some recommended hamster boardings in Atlanta GA?

  14. Hi Skye! Can you please tell me where to board my hamster? My mom won’t let me get one until I have found a boarder to take care of the hamster while we are away on vacation! If you could send me a link for hamster boarders in Atlanta GA that would be great!
    Sincerely, Wolf#1camp

    • Hi Wolf. I am based in England and don’t have any contacts in Atlanta. You could try a local google search. Good luck, Skye.

  15. Hi I live in halifax west yorkshire I’m just wondering how much it would for one syrian hamster. cookie would need to be dropped off on the 23rd of May as we are flying on the 24th of May. Will be back on Wednesday so I’d have to pick him on the Thursday. It’s a week you’d be looking after him

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