Luxury rat cage – Our fifth review

Luxury rat cage

MidWest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with StandLuxury rat cage

Welcome to our fifth rat cage review. this time for a luxury rat cage.

The Critter Nation by MidWest Homes for Pets, provides the ultimate habitat for your small animals – rats, chinchillas, ferrets, and more. Critter Nation was designed to keep your rats happy and healthy, while providing accessibility and easy cleaning for you.

The Ultimate Habitat.

Each Double Unit Critter Nation cage comes equipped with three ramps and ramp covers, two resting shelves and two easy to remove base pans for easy cleaning. The full-width double doors provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning and feeding. The wide expansive shelf and full-width plastic pan floor provide a generous play area for your rats and helps prevent dangerous falls. Designed with pet owners in mind, we’ve included ‘critter-proof’ dual-locking door latches that provide a secure, easy one-handed operation.

Completely Customisable.

The Critter Nation has multiple attaching points for adding hammocks, tubes, toys and other accessories that are sold separately.


The main features are:


  • Full Width Double Doors Provide Maximum Accessibility for Easy Cleaning & Feeding


  • 1/2 ” Horizontal Wire Spacing Allows Pets to Fulfill Their Instinct to Climb & Explore in Secure Environment


  • Wide Expanse Shelf & Full Width Plastic Pan Floor to Provide Maximum Play Area & Prevent Dangerous Falls


  • Less-Mess and Easily Removable Height Adjustable Shelves with Removable Plastic Tray for Easy Cleaning


  • Happy Feet Ramp Cover Protects Pets Feet and Provides Traction & No-Slip Passage Between Levels


  • The cage dimensions are: 91.5cm x 61cm x 160cm or 36 Inches by 24 Inches by 63 Inches


In conclusion:

The MidWest Critter Nation Animal Habitat with Stand is a really well designed and truly luxury cage for your pet rats. it is fully expandable with a large range of accessories. The full width opening doors make access to your rats really easy and this also makes cleaning easier.

We found that the cage was very easy to put together. Although the cage is more expensive than any other that we have tested, we believe it is still good value as it is by far the best rat cage that we have tested.

We would rate the cage as 4.5 out of 5.0

For information on how to look after pet rats, please read our article which can be found here.

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