Wooden hamster cage review

Wooden hamster cage

Pawhut Hamster and Rodent Mouse Large KitWooden hamster cage

Welcome to the fifth of our hamster cage reviews and the first one to feature a wooden hamster cage.

The pawhut large hamster cage is much bigger than any of the previously reviewed cages and as can be seen from our article on choosing a hamster cage, this is a very desirable feature.

The cages main features are:


  • it has a built in drawer for easy cleaning (the base slides out completely).


  • Suitable for Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, mice and other small animals (even guinea pigs for a temporary home).


  • Four organic windows enable a direct view to all levels.


  • Built-in drawer for easy cleaning.


  • Overall Dimension: 115L x 60W x 58H (cm).


  • Solid wooden construction.


  • Levels are accessible by 3 ramps.


  • Hinged roof with mesh for good air circulation.


  • Cage can easily be moved.


Specification list


Material: Wood, PS organic glass, galvanized wire
Colour: Natural Wood Colour
Overall Dimension: 115L x 60W x 58H (cm)
2 x Small Hut Size: 15L x 20W x 13H cm, 15L x 12W x 13H (cm)
3 x Ramp Size: 30L x 10W x 1T (cm)
Bottom Drawer Size: 73.5L x 58W (cm)
Net Weight: 19kg

In conclusion

The pawhut hamster and rodent large kit is an excellent choice for any breed of hamster. Unfortunately you do have to build it yourself, however we found this to be reasonably easy. it does not come with a built in wheel and so you will have to buy one seperately. Wooden wheels are readily available and we would definitely recommend this addition.

Some people will be worried that their beloved pets will chew through the wood, however in our experience provided your hamster has plenty of toys, this should not be a problem.

Overall we rate this cage as a 5 out of 5. The first time we have awarded a full rating.

For our list of 5 best Syrian hamster cages, please click here.

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  1. This wooden hamster cage is gorgeous and looks very cozy and comfortable. It’s also spacious, which is a feature I especially like. I do not like those small cages where they can barely move …

    The built in drawer is a nice addition, it makes cleaning super easy. I once had two rescued mice, they were rescued from a science fair. When the fair was over, they “didn’t know what to do with them”, so I ended up adopting them. I got them a big cage and had them for two years, I called them Mina and Lolita, and having them taught me so much about mice. They are clever animals, and very interesting. Lolita was always nervouse around me, but Mina trusted me and ate from my fingers 🙂 I loved those little mice! If they were still around, I would get them this wooden hamster cage 🙂

  2. Hi, There.
    Thanks for sharing the review of Pawhut Hamster and Rodent Mouse’s large kit. Its features are amazing like its big size, easy to clean removable tray and good air circulation. I would appreciate the manufacturer if the exercising wheel would also be included in the same price, but overall a pleasant design.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  3. Looks like a Great cage for anyone who has hamsters. This cage seems to be packed with features, and I especially like the user friendly tray for cleaning out the cage. Being able to have so much visibility to all levels is also a big plus. 

    About how much would materials cost to build such a cage?

    Thanks for the review.


    • Hi Ron, I don’t think it would be too practical to make this cage yourself, however I’m sure it is possible to make your own design of enclosure.

  4. Cage? I see a castle and magnificent work! I like your conclusion as you answered my question about will they eat the wood or not for this reason I am very impressed with your experience. This is amazing as I have never seen this before as I am used to seeing, of course, the metal and plastic bottom ones! Lots of great features and great for families! 

  5. I am surprised how fancy this cages look, so much thought and work to make our pets feel confortable.

    Back in the day when I was a kid and we had some hamsters, the cage was just a simple square and empty, that we just bought one of this running circles so the hamsters could “workout” and play.

    I remember we got 2 only, and every couple of weeks or months, they multiply. It was fun though! 

    I am now in the process to buy new hamster pets, that brought me here 😀 

    Thanks for writing such reviews and keep the good work! 

  6. I love this cage and I’m seriously considering buying it however I have 2 questions.
    Is it possible to create an area for burrowing behaviour ?

    • Hi Sarah,

      there should be no problem creating an area for burrowing as the cage is quite deep, Regards, Skye

  7. Sorry didn’t put in my second question
    Is the wood treated incase a potty training hamster urinates on the wood ?
    Would really your time to let me know
    Kind regards

    • Hi Sarah,

      the only information I have is that the wood is non-toxic fir wood. I’m sure it will be fine, but if your worried it might be worth contacting their customer services. Kind regards, Skye

  8. This looks great! Nothing in the states like it – do you deliver here currently?
    Also, where does the water bottle hang?

  9. I got my cage a couple of weeks ago to get ready for my dwarf hamster. The cage is really spacious, I only had one problem setting it up when the screw didn’t fit, and there are a couple raw edges, my dad fixed the screws, I have a question, is the bottom of the cage lined to stop the pee coming through? Apart from that this cage is amazing!

  10. Bought this for my grandsons hamster. It was easy to put together. Love the size and the design of this. We just drilled a hole for the water bottle. The only problem we have is the gap around the small front door. The hamster chewed the wood to trying to get out. Thank goodness we caught it in time and nailed a barrier right across the front and nailed some little logs along the bottom. This has not stopped her from chewing through these as well. We will most likely have to rebuild the frame part . We were so surprised that she was chewing on the wood because in her other cage she never chewed on the wooden toys we gave her so we thought it would be a safe bet to buy this cage. I wish the company would use a stronger more durable wood especially the framing part. Other then that it’s a great cage.

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