Pet rat cage – our first review

Pet rat cage

Yaheetech 131CM Pet Rat CagePet rat cage

Welcome to our first pet rat cage review. If you are looking for a nice and spacious house for your beloved small pets, this 6 tier pet cage for small animals would be a great choice. This pet cage is made from non-toxic paint covered metal square tubes and wires. It is strong, safe and durable for your pets to use. Three front doors with latches and 2.2cm/0.9’’ bar spacing will keep your pets safe in the cage when you are not around. Six tiers provide enough space for active pets to roam, climb and rest. Detachable tier panels and ramps can be removed and rearranged according to your needs. The ball-shaped wheels offer an effortless and convenient way to move the cage.

The main features are:


  • EASY CLEANING: Three door design makes it easy to clean the cage and tiers; a slide out tray under the cage can be removed and cleaned with water; a mesh panel between pets and the tray can avoid your pets walking/laying directly on their droppings


  • EXTRA LARGE EXERCISE PLACE: 64 x 43 x 131 cm / 25.2 x 16.9 x 51.6’’ Pet cage allows several small pets to have fun at the same time; 5 tiers are connected with ramps, which expand the usable area for pets to climb and rest; great for small pets like guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, rats, etc.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Pet toys can be placed or hung on the cage and platforms to satisfy the playful nature of pets; comes with a complimentary wall mounted waterer, convenient for your pet to drink by themselves; three doors on the front of the cage for easy entry and exit from different tiers; the large ground tier is able to accommodate a feeding bowl (included); this cage is built to be a multi-function luxurious villa for your pets


  • SAFE & SECURE: All three arched doors are secured with latches, keeping your pets safe in the cage when you are not around; arc designed ramp with convex figures for safety purposes, which can increase friction and prevent your pets from slipping during climbing; smooth seams and rounded corners protect your pets and yourself from undesired injury


  • CONVENIENT MOVING: Due to its extra large size, it may take a little effort to move this cage. However, our ferret cage sits on four heavy duty rolling casters and this has perfectly solved the problem. Ball-shaped casters can roll in all directions smoothly


  • DURABLE & STURDY: This cage is constructed with powder coated metal square tubes and wires; non-toxic paint gives this stylish cage excellent wear and corrosion resistance


  • WORRY-FREE ASSEMBLY: Simple assembly is required to set up this pet cage. The cage comes with all necessary parts, hardware, detailed instructions and tool for easy and quick assembly


  • FREE ACCESSORIES: This rat cage comes with a complimentary wall mounted water bottle and a pet bowl


In conclusion:

The Yaheetech 131CM Pet Rat Cage is a great choice. We found it easy to put together and it is a good size to give your rats plenty of space. The cage is very versatile and could be used for other small pets. The only minor problem we found is that the base of the cage is wire and this could hurt your pet rats feet or legs. We would recommend covering the base with cardboard and replacing this every few days. Although this is a little inconvenient it will cure the problem. Overall the cage is great value for money with most basic accessories included.

We would rate the cage as 4.5 out of 5.0

For information on how to look after pet rats, please read our article which can be found here.

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  1. Love this cage and mainly for the height. I am not an owner of rats, but birds, and this is the height I have been looking for to combine my budgies and cockatiels but can’t seem to find in a cage with bars close together like this one. I am seriously tempted to buy this one and convert it into a birdcage. Do you think it could be done?

    I also like that it has wheels and can be moved around easily. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that the shipping is so expensive to another country.

  2. Wow! I did not know such a cage existed. It seems fabulous for a rat to exercice and never get bored. It also seems easy to be put together, which is always a worry for me. I can get so frustrated when I can’t assemble some pieces of furniture. So, when the pets are moving up and down, and since the structure is in metal, is it noisy?

  3. Hi and thanks for your review of this product. I really like the points you make, especially in relation to how easy the cage is to clean and move about. 

    I’m going to be getting my kids some pet rats in the new year so this will make the perfect Christmas present. My youngest son is 7; do you think he will find it easy enough to access the cage? 

    Also, are the wheels lockable? I just worry that if one of the kids knocks the cage, it will roll away and scare the rats unnecisarily

    • Hi Marketa,

      im sure the cage will be fine for your son as long as he is supervised. The wheels do lock so no worries there.

  4. Hello!

    Nice looks that these special Yaheetech pet rat cages have! According to how the cages are structured, containing the five tiers, we may also call them ”cages with stages” :).

    I am just imagining hot the pet rats move inside the cage and climb / descend the ramps, that should be a delightful sight. It is lovely how rats can be domesticated and turned into funny pets!

    Have you already tried the cage?

    Best regards, Peter

    • Hi Emma, maybe you could start with something easier like a hamster and prove how responsible you are. Maybe then they will let you get some rats.
      Hope that helps and good luck, Skye

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