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Extra Large Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage in SilverHamster-cage-review

Welcome to what is the first of hopefully lots of hamster cage reviews. If you have read my previous post on what is the best hamster cage to buy,  you will know that I recommend to buy as large a cage as possible. With that in mind the rosewood pico is an excellent choice. I hope you will enjoy the following hamster cage review.

The main features are:


  • It is supplied complete with a unique loft den (improved over the previous design), water bottle, food dish and solid wheel (you may want to swap the food dish for something more substantial).


  • The cage is easy to assemble with clip free and secure corners.


  • It is larger than average and is a feature packed home suitable for Syrian and Russian hamsters as well as mice.


  • High quality design and finish.


  • Dimensions: 50cm wide, 36 cm deep and 47cm tall; 8.5mm bar spacing (small enough for mice).


  • Easy clean design: all components are fixed to the wire top, so as you lift this off everything is removed leaving you with an easy clean base.

In conclusion

The extra large rosewood Pico offers extra space and load of fun levels for your pet to explore. It is much bigger than the standard pico cage. The contemporary design and colours mean it looks good and both the wire and plastic parts are finished to a high quality. It has a unique (and improved) loft den which allows for easier interaction between you and your pet.

Other great features include a ‘drop in’ water bottle, twin doors with secure closures, a generously sized food dish and a quiet, solid wheel. All components come away with the wire top as you lift it off the base for easier cleaning. The 8.5mm bar spacing means the home is ideal for Syrian hamsters and is also great for most mice and dwarf hamsters (except Roborovski’s). The cage is easy to assemble with clip-free secure corners. Assembled dimensions are: 50cm wide, 36cm deep and 47cm high. Also available in a great pink, teal and purple colours.

Overall we would rate the cage as a 4.0 out of 5.0 with the cage dropping 1 star as we feel it could ideally be slightly larger.

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I hope you have enjoyed our first comprehensive hamster cage review. Please feel free to leave us any comments or feedback in the box below.

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  1. The fact that this xamster cage has the total blend of everything else from security to fun climbs and all makes it awesome to see here. This Extra Large Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage in Silver seems to be the perfect hamster cage though I’m yet to see it but it passes as the requirement for keeping any hamster for me. I like it and if I ever need to buy, I will buy this

  2. Having the right cage for your pet is really nice, and there are some cages that have some really minor errors that can cause serious injuries to the hamster. In some cages, they are made of complete metal and over time rust and can cause injuries. This cage is nice and from the image, I love the plastic interior designs and readily available dish bowl in it. I hope the metal body coated to avoid rust?

  3. Great review you have done here and I must say that I fancy this a bit. You have broken it down in simple ways that makes it a lit more understandable and very interesting. For real, I like every bit of this and how it has been simplified for my understanding. This Extra Large Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage in Silver is impressing and worthy of trying out. Though I have a DIY  hamster cage before but I guess I need to get something better like this. Thanks

  4. Hamsters are very social animals and anyone who knows them very much will agree that it is a very good friend to have. So how do we take care of them and let them enjoy their social lives but with a very good cage. I have a cage for my own hamster but I want to get a new one again. I will surely get one of this later. Nice post

  5. This Hamster Cage is a very good and useful cage, its always good to have a good shelter for them because they are really adorable, even though I don’t have one, I’ve read a couple of articles about how they live, what they eat and how they react to things. This is a good one and I’ll share this information with some other platforms. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello there, my hamster cage is getting really old and she sometimes finds a way to come out of it and escapes.  I don’t really like it all going around the house looking for her. I am on a search for a new and durable cage and this is one very complete cage I loved its features. Thanks for helping with this nice review

  7. Hamster cages, Wow, they look really stylish and I like them a lot. I do not have a hamster but my sister loves them a lot. Would be nice to get one and also get a hamster cage as well. Do you think that more than one hamster can stay together in a single cage even though they are sociable. Will there not be a mess in it?

    • Hi John. It is not recommended to keep Syrian hamsters in pairs, but the smaller dwarf breeds should be ok in pairs as long as you make sure they are the same sex (you don’t want lots of little hamster babies!).

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