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Welcome to our article on what is the best gerbil cage. The ideal home for your gerbils.


Gerbils are lively little animals and need lots of space. They’re natural diggers and will need to be able to burrow as well as run around above ground. With the right enclosure, you can give your gerbils their own adventure playground!

Specialist gerbilarium’s provide the best home for your gerbils. These are large enclosures, generally with a plastic tank below a large, wire living area. You can buy gerbilarium’s from local pet shops or online. Please read on for our article on what is the best gerbil cage.


You can make your gerbilarium a fun and comfortable place to live by:


Choosing one that’s as large as possible so your gerbils have enough room to exercise.

Making sure the wire living area is tall enough, as gerbils like to stand upright on their hind legs.

Filling the tank with good burrowing material. Potting compost is ideal. This gives your gerbils somewhere to dig to their heart’s content and they’ll get plenty of exercise.

Providing a quiet, comfy nest box for your gerbils to sleep in. You can read more about this below.

Setting up a dust bath for your gerbils to help keep their coat in good condition. You can use chinchilla sand for your gerbil dust bath and this is available from pet shops.

Nest boxes: a place for your gerbil to hide and rest.


Your gerbils will need a quiet, cosy nest box in their gerbilarium. This will give them somewhere to hide if they feel frightened and a place to sleep during the day.

Give them lots of pet-safe bedding to create a cosy nest with. Shredded white kitchen roll is ideal.

Don’t give them newspaper to use as the ink is toxic for small pets.

Don’t use cotton wool. It can cause dangerous blockages in their gut if they eat any. Cotton wool can also get wrapped around your gerbil’s legs and stop them from moving properly.

The best spot in your home to keep your gerbilarium:


Our homes can be noisy, stressful places for small pets like gerbils. Think carefully about where you will put your gerbilarium. Ideally, it will be somewhere:

Indoors, out of draughts and direct sunlight.

Somewhere warm, so your adult gerbils will be kept at around 20-22°C.

Away from busy, noisy areas and not close to TVs or music systems. Noise and vibrations can make your gerbils stressed.

Safe from any prowling predators, like the family cat!

Keeping your gerbils clean:


It’s important to clean out your gerbilarium regularly to make sure it’s a safe and hygienic place for your pets to live.

Clean out your gerbilarium every two to three weeks. You might need to clean it more often if it gets dirty quickly.

Give it a deep clean every three months. Replace all of the burrowing material and give the tank and cage a thorough wash with a pet-safe cleaner. You can buy suitable cleaning products in pet shops or from online pet resources.


Here goes with our first list of what is the best gerbil cage:


1. Luxury Small Pet Cage With AccessoriesBig gerbil cage

The main features are:


  • This luxurious small pet cage will keep your animals well entertained


  • An innovative cage for hamsters, mice, gerbils and other small pets. Comes with glass terrarium with mesh sides


  • The luxury small pet cage encourages natural digging behavior


  • Two wooden levels are included, and a flap door at the top of the tower


  • Your little pet can bury its way to happiness while sawdust or other substrate remains in the cage


  • The dimensions are: 75cm x 45cm x 62 cm


In conclusion:

The Luxury Small Pet Cage With Accessories is the largest gerbil cage we have reviewed. It has enough space for up to four gerbils and is also suitable for all breeds of hamsters and for mice. it could also be used as a holiday or convalescence cage for rats. Although some of the accessories and platforms are made of wood, we found that provided you give your gerbils plenty of accessories to play with, they would not chew them.
The cage was reasonably easy to put together, however we did struggle a little with the wooden platforms.
We found the cage to be good value for money even though it is the most expensive we have reviewed so far. Please bear in mind that the cage does not come with a food dish or water bottle, so these will have to be purchased separately.

For our full review of the Luxury Small Pet Cage With Accessories, please click here.

Overall we score the cage as 5.0 out of 5.0. The only gerbilarium which we have awarded full marks.

For the best place to buy the Luxury Small Pet Cage with Accessories:


2. Little Friends Savoy Gerbilarium Cage

Cool gerbil cages


The main features are:


  • The savoy cage is ideal for rats, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas and other small sized pets


  • The cage comes with two shelves and two ladders forming a multi floor system


  • All accessories shown are included – house, wheel and bowl


  • The dimensions are: L 58.5cm W 38cm H 47.5cm


  • Deep glass base area to encourage natural digging behaviour


In conclusion:

The Little Friends Savoy Gerbilarium Cage is a great choice for people wanting a good size cage on a reasonable budget. It is a great cage for people who aren’t sure which pet to look after as it is suitable for most small animals. The cage is easily big enough for 2 gerbils.
The cage is very good value for money, although you will need to buy a water bottle and ideally we would recommend changing the wheel which is a little bit small.

for our full review of the Little Friends Savoy Gerbilarium Cage, please click here.

We would rate the cage as 4.5 out of 5.0

For the best place to buy the Little Friends Savoy Gerbilarium Cage:


3. Zolux Rody 3 Trio Cage for Hamster / Mouse / Gerbil

Large gerbil cages


  • The main features are:


  • Escape proof design


  • 3 Tier Habitat for Small Hamster, Rodents, Mice and Gerbils.


  • Size: Length 41 cm x Width 27 cm x Height 53 cm.


  • Space for up to 3 or 4 animals


  • All accessories included


  • Extra tubes can be purchased (although these are clear and not tinted grey)


In conclusion:

The Zolux Rody 3 trio cage is a great looking cage which due to its 3 tier design, offers a larger than average amount of living space. All this is achieved without taking up too much of your home space which is another great feature if room is tight. The cage is suitable for gerbils and dwarf hamsters or mice which we thought was a great idea. The only slight negative we could find is that there is not a very deep area for your gerbils to dig in the base area.
The cage is overall excellent value for money.

For our full review of the Zolux Rody 3 Trio Cage for Hamster / Mouse / Gerbil, please click here.

We would rate the cage as 4.5 out of 5.0

For the best place to buy the Zolux Rody 3 Trio Cage:


4. Petface Habitat Gerbil Cage

Best gerbilarium


The main features are:


  • Reasonably large size 52 x 26 x 52.5 cm (ideal for 2 gerbils, but ideally too small for any more)


  • Comes with all accessories pictured


  • Also ideal for dwarf hamsters


In conclusion:

The Petface Habitat Gerbil Cage by Savic will make an excellent home for your gerbils or dwarf hamsters. We did find it a little dificult to put together, but managed after about 40 minutes. A determined digger could send substrate over the top of the base and out through the wire cage above which is not ideal. The cage is overall good value for money.

For our full review of the Petface Habitat Gerbil Cage, please click here.

We would rate the cage as 4.0 out of 5.0

For the best place to buy the Petface Habitat Gerbil Cage by Savic:


5. Rosewood Options Adobe GerbilariumCheap gerbilarium


The main features are:


  • Stylish, escape-proof cage for gerbils


  • Easy to clean: the top holds all the shelves and wheel for easy cleaning of the base


  • Extra deep base for deep filling with litter so pets can tunnel and burrow


  • Includes: 2 x mezzanines, drop-in bottle, metal dish and metal ladders


  • Quick and easy to assemble


  • The dimensions are: 53cm x 39cm x 42cm


In conclusion:

The Rosewood Options Adobe Gerbilarium is a great looking budget cage. We especially loved the deep base which means sawdust will not be scattered all over the place by an over enthusiastic digging gerbil.
Although the cage is a little smaller than we would usually recommend, it will make a suitable starter gerbilarium for no more than two gerbils. The gerbilarium is advertised as being suitable for gerbils, mice and dwarf hamsters, however in our opinion it is most suited to gerbils. We found the cage to be very easy to put together.
The cage is overall very good value for money and it can usually be found for less than £50.00.

For our full review of the Rosewood Options Adobe Gerbilarium, please click here.

We would rate the cage as 4.0 out of 5.0

For the best place to buy the Rosewood Options Adobe Gerbilarium:


For further information on how to look after a gerbil, please click here.

If you have enjoyed our article on what is the best gerbil cage and would like any further information or would like to leave us any comments or feedback, please use the form below. We would also be delighted to see your own reviews and we may add them to future posts.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas. I never had a gerbil pet in my life, but I’m considering getting one. Since I don’t have any experience with these cages (they all look the same to me), which one would you recommend as your number one choice? I want it to be as bigger as possible so that animal has enough room to move around. Thanks in advance. 

  2. My daughter and I both like gerbils. Her classmates have a gerbil and bought a beautiful cage for it. My daughter often goes to her classmates to look after the gerbil. Recently I want to buy her a gerbil as a birthday present. I also need to give this gerbil a home. Luxury Small Pet Cage With Accessories, it’s awesome. Thank you for this review, so useful.

  3. Thank you so much for the reviews!  I am about to buy two gerbils and two rats, so I have been looking for some good cages for them.  I really like the Petface Habitat Gerbil Cage!  It is beautiful and does not look too bulky.  If we get our gerbils this week that may be the cage I get them! Do you think that any of these cages would be good for rats as well?

    • Hi Jessie, none of the cages are suitable for rats long term as they aren’t big enough, however they could be used as holiday or convalescence cages.

  4. My eldest used to have a gerbil called Gerrard. Although he isn’t with us anymore it looks as though our youngest is now looking to have some sort of pet to look after. He’d quite like a Bearded Dragon but as yet, we think we might have managed to put him off the idea, certainly when it came to feeding habits and I’m sure they don’t smell too clever but I’m no expert, just don’t fancy having one in the house. Not really the cuddling type. 

    Gerard was cute, funny and a well loved pet, so the thought of having another is not alien to us. Last time we only had a small cage, I think we were given it. I never felt overly happy as although probably adequate, to me it seemed small. I like the idea of the three tier one, so many areas to investigate. I’m sure gerbils need mental stimulus, something to interest them, as they would if they were in the outdoors, I guess.

    • Hi Julia,

      there are links at the end of each cage review to but them through Amazon if you are interested. hope this helps, Regards, Skye

  5. Gerbils like to dig, make tunnels, and nobody makes a tank that is wide and deep with reasonable height. Terrariums are a close match, but like a Chevy versus a GMC, terrariums are the GMC’s of habitats and much more expensive. We are a family with dogs, cats, fish, birds and gerbils, and except for the gerbils, all are rescue animals. (Rescue fish? Yea I feel sorry for the ones at the fair, and neighbors and grand kids bring their ‘winnings’ over when they get tired of them) The tank topper would be ideal, except for nosy cats, so we stick with a 10 gal aquarium with a homemade screen top and light. You would think the gerbils would run and hide with a cat around, but they seem amused by them and must know they are safe. They always come out to look nose to nose with the out of tank visitors, and in 42 years of having a mixed bag of critters, nobody has done anybody in. My last resort this time is to have glass cut to construct a 30X18X12 custom box and give them some more tunneling room

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