Cheap gerbilarium – not many options

Cheap gerbilarium

Rosewood Options Adobe GerbilariumCheap gerbilarium

Welcome to what is our third gerbil cage review, this time featuring a cheap gerbilarium. We did find it very difficult to find a cheap gerbilarium which offered the features and the size required to keep gerbils whilst adhering to correct welfare requirements.

If your budget is very low, it can be possible to construct your own gerbilarium, however, we have found it difficult to attach and arrange the accessories your gerbils will need (especially the water bottle).

The Rosewood Options Gerbilarium has an extra deep base which gerbils require for tunnelling in their litter.

It is constructed to be as gnaw proof as possible with a smooth, curved interior and any vulnerable parts, including the ladders, are made from metal. It has an easy to use drop in bottle and food dishes.

The main features are:


  • Stylish, escape-proof cage for gerbils


  • Easy to clean: the top holds all the shelves and wheel for easy cleaning of the base


  • Extra deep base for deep filling with litter so pets can tunnel and burrow


  • Includes: 2 x mezzanines, drop-in bottle, metal dish and metal ladders


  • Quick and easy to assemble


  • The dimensions are: 53cm x 39cm x 42cm


In conclusion:

The Rosewood Options Adobe Gerbilarium is a great looking budget cage. We especially loved the deep base which means sawdust will not be scattered all over the place by an over enthusiastic didding gerbil.

Although the cage is a little smaller than we would usually recommend, it will make a suitable starter gerbilarium for no more than two gerbils. The gerbilarium is advertised as being suitable for gerbils, mice and dwarf hamsters, however in our opinion it is most suited to gerbils. We found the cage to be very easy to put together.

The cage is overall very good value for money and it can usually be found for less than £50.00.

We would rate the cage as 4.0 out of 5.0

For information on how to look after a gerbil, please read our article which can be found here.

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  1. What a little but sufficient house. Thank you for sharing this home because I have not seen one so small, but definitely affordable. I have always had a gerbil, hamster, or guinea pig since I was 13 years old. I prefer them to cats or dogs. This would be good for one gerbil and then when I get home get him out to exercise in his ball around the house. Thank you for sharing new ideas for those of us who love the little animals. Best wishes


  2. Great product for our dear little friends. Easy to clean, elegant, durable and cheap. I was wondering if I could host this very handy and durable cage in my hamster. I think it would be great and comfortable there. Very good idea with a useful and great product. I’ll share it.

    • Hi, we wouldn’t recommend this cage for larger hamsters and it’s not ideally suited for the dwarf hamsters, but could be used if necessary.

  3. My kids have been desperate for a gerbil for some time now. I always said that it will take up too much space and its too messy. However, after seeing this cage I might have had a change of heart. This looks really neat and I love how easy it is to clean!

  4. Hi I have read thru your post on the review of the gerbilarium. I feel you can start off showing a picture of a gerbil. Reason is I actually do not know what a gerbil is until i google it. If you already include the gerbil pic it will be helpful. Overall i like the review and how the based are wide and the price are affordable. 

    Great post

    • Hi Jon, I wil bear your comment in mind and I’m glad you now know what a gerbil is!

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