Best gerbilarium

Best gerbilarium

Petface Habitat Gerbil Cage

This will be the first of our reviews for the best gerbilarium.Best gerbilarium

The Habitat cage from Savic is an ideal home for your gerbils and also for dwarf hamsters. It features a deep plastic tank that can be filled with sawdust or other suitable substrate, in which your gerbil can dig and tunnel. This is an essential feature in any gerbilarium as they love to dig in their natural habitat.  A wire cage above with additional platforms helps to create a complete home for your gerbils and this expands the space they have to explore.

The main features are:

  •  Reasonably large size 52 x 26 x 52.5 cm (ideal for 2 gerbils, but ideally too small for any more)
  • Comes with all accesories pictured
  • Also ideal for dwarf hamsters

In conclusion:

The Petface Habitat Gerbil Cage by Savic will make an excellent home for your gerbils or dwarf hamsters. We did find it a little dificult to put together, but managed after about 40 minutes. A determined digger could send substrate over the top of the base and out through the wire cage above which is not ideal. The cage is overall good value for money.

We would rate the cage as 4.0 out of 5.0

For information on how to look after a gerbil, please read our article which can be found here.

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  1. Hi this is a very straight forward and useful article, particularly because our daughter would like to have a gerbil. Is one enough? Do they thrive better if there are more? Our son had some several years ago and they died in the winter even though they always lived indoors. Is there an optimal temperature for gerbils? I noticed a plastic tube in the bottom of the gerbilarium image, I have to say that my son and the gerbils had a lot of fun when he linked several together. Thank you.

    • Hi Steve, as gerbils are social animals, it is important to keep more than one. They thrive best in normal household temperatures.

  2. This is my first look at this gerbilarium and I must say I am impressed. Years ago my family had hamsters and a gerbil but the only thing we had to give them a home was an aquarium container. The Savic product has so much more to offer than an aquarium with a wheel in it. What a great idea. It is a big advancement over what I used. So much variety for the animals to explore, exercise and call home! Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Jack, thanks for your comments. Aquariums can make good homes for gerbils as long as they are big enough.

  3. Hello again

    Very good article for our friends

    Another very good product with additional platforms that helps create a complete home for gerbils

    The plastic tank which can be filled with sawdust and dig in their natural environment

    I like your article so much you mentioned how to ΄΄How to care for a gerbil΄΄ as I mentioned in one of my articles my sister will be very happy and will take the step of taking care of her little pet

    Thank you very much for your article

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