Big gerbil cage

Big gerbil cage

Luxury Small Pet Cage With Accessories

Welcome to our fourth gerbilarium review – this time for this big gerbil cage.Big gerbil cage

This cage has a deep glass base which encourages natural digging behaviour and stops mess spilling out into your home It has mesh sides which are attached with 4 chrome handles. The bar spacing is 8 mm. Bar thickness is 1.6 mm 3.4 mm. Bar colour is black and they are  powder coated as well as free of zinc and other harmful substances. The top flap opens to reveal 2 levels for plenty of space. Many design options are included to include birch and plywood accessories (2 levels, 2 ramps, mini-house with red roof). It is easy to clean and has quick assembly.

The main features are:


  • This luxurious small pet cage will keep your animals well entertained


  • An innovative cage for hamsters, mice, gerbils and other small pets. Comes with glass terrarium with mesh sides


  • The luxury small pet cage encourages natural digging behavior


  • Two wooden levels are included, and a flap door at the top of the tower


  • Your little pet can bury its way to happiness while sawdust or other substrate remains in the cage


  • The dimensions are: 75cm x 45cm x 62 cm


In conclusion:

The Luxury Small Pet Cage With Accessories is the largest gerbil cage we have reviewed. It has enough space for up to four gerbils and is also suitable for all breeds of hamsters and for mice. it could also be used as a holiday or convalescence cage for rats. Although some of the accessories and platforms are made of wood, we found that provided you give your gerbils plenty of accessories to play with, they would not chew them.

The cage was reasonably easy to put together, however we did struggle a little with the wooden platforms.

We found the cage to be good value for money even though it is the most expensive we have reviewed so far. Please bear in mind that the cage does not come with a food dish or water bottle, so these will have to be purchased separately.

We would rate the cage as 5.0 out of 5.0

For information on how to look after a gerbil, please read our article which can be found here.

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  1. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I have been wondering on whether I should get another pet rat.  I used to have 4 rats, and I love them!  I had to get rid of them because I moved away, and I had trouble keeping them in their cage.  They found ways to chew through the cage.  Do you think this is safe for pet rats?

    • Hi Jessie,

      the cage is not really big enough for rats, but could be used as a holiday cage or to care for a sick rat. I will be carrying out reviews of rat cages soon.

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