Our third hamster cage review – The best yet?

Savic Hamster Heaven

Savic Hamster Heaven Syrian Hamster CageSavic Hamster Heaven

Welcome to our third hamster cage review.

The savic hamster heaven cage is the largest we have reviewed so far and fully meets the RSPCA standards for hamster cages. We always recommend buying the largest space possible for your hamster. please click on the following page for more information.

This hamster cage is perfect for Syrian hamsters although we wouldn’t recommend it for dwarf hamsters or mice due to the size of the bar spacing.

The cage features:


  • Carrying handles for ease of movement


  • The dimensions are: H50 x W80 x D50cm


  • It has a fun and colourful design


  • The cage is easy to assemble with clip free and secure corners.


  • Comes complete with tunnels, platforms, slides, housing, exercise wheel, toilet, food bowls & drinking bottle.


  • Easy clean design


In conclusion

Overall we have been very impressed by the savic hamster heaven cage. All the accessories are of good quality and the cage is the largest we have reviewed so far. We did find it was harder to put together than advertised, with the tubes especially being difficult to place, but we would still recommend this cage. It is more expensive than the previous two cages that we have reviewed, however if you can afford it we think the extra cost is worth while.

We would rate the cage as a 4.0 out of 5.0

For our list of 5 best Syrian hamster cages, please click here.

We hope you have enjoyed our hamster cage review and if you wish to leave a comment or have any further questions, please use the form below.



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  1. As a result of subscribing to your news feed I have come across your article once again, it makes me happy as I read your article as I am looking forward to purchasing a cage for my pets, thank you for displaying the variety of structures and colours available, I like that it is possible to reassemble, kindly attach some affiliate link with the pricing of the cages am looking forward to get some soon.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi, thank you for this concise and informative review of the Savic Hamster Heaven Cage.

    The cage certainly sounds like a good one to get if you have the right breed of hamster, I am pleased to read it meets RSPCA standards as I think looking after our pets to the highest standard is a basic requirement of pet ownership.

    I like that this cage comes with plenty of features for a hamster to exercise such as the tunnel and exercise wheel.

    Based on the size of the cage is it suitable for only 1 hamster or would 2 be OK?

  3. I really like how it has all kinds of fun things for the hamster like slides, tunnels, platforms, etc. because that’s exactly what the cage I have right now is lacking. I also like how it’s so colorful, this will make a very good Christmas present for my hamster pets. It seems pretty big but I have 2 hamsters and I’m not sure if it’s going to be enough space for both of them, what do you think? 

  4. What a charming enclosure for your hamster.  I also like the high sides of the bowl part, as I’ve known hamsters to chew anything that happened to be standing next to their cage.  I wonder if this wouldn’t be a better option for two hamsters.  By the way, do hamsters happily live in groups, or do they prefer to be single, or a couple?

    Thanks so much for your review.  Really helpful.


    • Hi Sam, Syrian hamsters are best kept on their own, but the smaller breeds are usually fine in same sex pairs.

  5. Wow! 😲

    This hamster cage looks classic, comfortable and very attractive too. I love it absolutely.

    It has nice features, I like the fun and colourful design. I like the fact that it is easy to clean. The toilet thing!! Is the hamster going to use the toilet? 🤔

    I’m also wondering why you have this beautiful Savic Hamster Heaven Syrian Hamster Cage a 4/5 rating.

    • Hi there, hamsters are generally very v]clean and will choose one area to go to the toilet. I gave the cage 4/5 as there’s always room for improvement.

  6. I never seen such a beautiful and colorful hamster cage. 

    I also love how passionate you write about it. It seems like it has all accessories for the little hamster to live happily and play.

    I dont have a hamster just yet, I am still searching for which type is more docile, do you have any recommendation in this direction?

    Thanks for the review and I will be looking for more! 

    • Hi Luiz, I would recommend a Syrian hamster if it’s your first time as they are generally slower and a little more docile than the dwarf varieties.

  7. Thanks a ton for your detailed reviews; you’ve been super helpful for me! My son has been at me forever to get him a pet and since my older boys are allergic to dogs and cats, I thought a hamster would be the perfect choice. 

    I definitely want the largest space possible because I feel any type of animal should have as much roaming space as possible. This cage looks like it will be perfect for our needs. Thanks again!

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